About Skipper Shop

Skipper was founded by Hope Welles, a graphic designer, communications specialist, nonprofit executive, mother, and many other things.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hope felt a strong desire to create and design, especially bright, colorful items that would bring a sense of warmth and comfort in a difficult time. While spending copious amounts of time at home, she realized her home could use a few updates and maybe some pick-me-ups, so she started creating.

Skipper Shop is a small, independent business committed to delivering high quality, unique products. 

Skipper's Promise




If it's not machine washable or dishwasher safe, you won't see it in the Skipper Shop. Every product has been tested by a real family that is a little...rough and tumble. Skipper's plates can be dropped, microwaved, and put straight in the dishwasher. Our super soft blankets can withstand fort-building, picnics and tug-of-war. Care for our products is simple. But we won't ever to light on design. All Skipper products are original designs, with careful thought to how each piece will be used. 

How Skipper Gives Back

Hope has worked in the nonprofit sector for most of her career, and knows a lot about what organizations need in order to thrive. Many nonprofits direct almost all of their budgets toward living out their mission, leaving little funds to cover administrative costs. All nonprofits need a strong website, a solid communication strategy, and powerful stories of their work. However, most organizations can't afford to hire a marketing team or graphic designer.

Hope helps provide nonprofit organizations with compelling design and strong communications strategies at a rate that even small organizations can afford. Every purchase from Skipper Shop helps her to offer extremely discounted or even free rates to her nonprofit clients. 

To date, she's worked with nonprofits that support: children and adults with developmental disabilities; community organizing efforts; education opportunities for girls in underserved communities; racial justice initiatives. Your purchase supports these efforts too. Thank you!

For more information about Hope's communication and design business, click here.